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E Industries Kicks-off Nationwide Virtual Internship Program in Web Design, Coding, and Photography

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

E Industries is proud to announce the official start of its Nationwide Virtual Internship (NVI) Program for juniors and seniors in high school around the country. In partnership with local schools and counselors, students receive an opportunity to work with an technology specialist and engineer to create websites, design 3D models, and media content through photography and videography.

The company started with three great interns as a pilot in Spring of 2021. Now after rave reviews of independently spreading the word to other students, staff increased to include more students this year that are some of the best academically and professionally!"

Students learn how to develop a website, code in Javascript and HTML, and learn how to create online applications from small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies. Each student is screened for their ability to complete a task, work in a team and maintain their academics at a level of excellence in the process. E Industries believes in helping each student excel in all ways to grow them into smart and technically competent professionals for the workforce.

E Industries is a enterprise solutions company that builds innovative technological advances for small, medium and large businesses. Already with a multi-billion dollar clients using its solutions, E Industries is headed in the right direction as it focuses on diversity, inclusion, and equity in its intern population.

One of E Industries' star interns is working to become a Science Researcher with a dual passion in modeling and photography. Her assertive nature has yielded early success in photography and now is working as a student model collaborating with local photographers in her area.

Another set of two great interns worked on variety of projects in database and web design solutions for food trucks, photographers, and online stores for small businesses.

If a school is interested in partnering with E Industries for virtual internships with it's juniors and seniors, contact us as or visit

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