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Professional Spotlight in Entrepreneurship

Coaching Businesses Through The Creation Of Their Supplier Diversity Programs

In today's time, creating a supplier diversity program is more than an essential to any business when attempting to sustain their growth in a local or global marketplace. The importance transcends profits and quotas. Rather, it delves into the space of sustainability of communities through economic impact and the investment of growing a world of equal respect and opportunity amongst aspiring entrepreneurs.

Coaching Your Business Toward Success in Supplier Diversity

As a certified MBE with hands-on experience understanding and supporting the needs of diverse businesses, E Industries provides a unique perspective of community-based impact on supplier diversity, while strategically growing each diverse business to provide quality services for corporations.

E Industries can design, develop and execute an strategic plan for your organization to create and sustain an effective supplier diversity program. With our expanded team of consultants with years of experience in executive coaching, diversity & inclusion and technology development, we can help you create a multi-layered approach toward developing a plan that will never fail when building a strong supplier diversity program.

Areas of Consulting / Training / Coaching

  • Identification of Quality Suppliers

  • Selection and Segmentation

  • On-boarding

  • Performance Management

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Supplier Diversity

  • Information Management

  • Risk Management

  • Relationship Management

  • Off-boarding

Interested in Starting a Supplier Diversity Program?

Schedule a discovery call with one of our Solutions Architects and see how we can help you grow your efforts to start or sustain your program today!

Visit to learn more and schedule a call.

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