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Website Support, Marketing & Maintenance Plans

Your website IS your business! 
Let us support it, manageit, market it, and grow it for you!

E Industries is your Teaming Partner to Maintain and Grow your Business Online

You can set it and forget it with our website support, marketing and maintenance plans.  Every site should have a dedicated person growing and enhancing your site as time goes by.  Let us serve as your tech department that will keep on top of the latest and greatest advances you can enjoy, while we are only a phone call away to manage and support your website and business development needs.

Our plans are best for the following:

  • Lite Support (content support for your existing website - 1 hr/week)

    If you need someone to periodically maintain your website, perform content updates to anything already present, and ensure your content will always be seen on search engines...this is the plan for you! 

    We are your Tech Support Department with this plan.

  • Manage My Business Online (full site management with new page development - 2 hr/week)

    Have a fully functional website (events, stores, dynamic content) and don't have time to grow your business with it?  No nickel and dime tactics here.  Just set it and forget it!  We will add features and other content as we manage it and help you grow your business with all features (online, mobile, etc.).  
    We are your
    Business Development Department with this plan.

  • Fully Expand My Business (marketing campaigns with managed support - 4 hrs/week)

    Need a full business and marketing department to be ahead of the game?  This is the best way to focus on your craft while we market you to the whole world on a weekly basis.  We'll develop marketing campaigns for all platforms while managing your website with our team of professionals. 
    We are your Full Blown E Marketing & Business Development Department with this plan.


Content Support for Existing Website 1hr/week





Full Site Manager &
New Page Development








Content Updates (text, images, blogs)


2 hours / week

1 hour/week

Submit change requests to update active content on your pages or blogs. Content can include images or videos.  This does not include events or marketing emails.

Marketing Campaigns w/ Managed Support 

Site Revisions / Restore