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National Virtual Internship (NVI) Program 

In partnership with local schools and counselors, students receive an opportunity to work with an technology specialist and engineer to create websites, manage corporate projects, and media content through photography and videography.

Virtual Internships for High School Students in Business & Finance, Technology, Web and Photography

Starting each semester, E Industries hosts internships for students across the country for those who want to learn website development, coding and business development skills to run a business.

3D Printer

Experience Developing Industry Applications

Each student works on a project throughout the year connected to real client or an application being designed inside the company.  Each student plays an important role in the development of our future products and services.

Opportunity to Earn Scholarship Money for College and Beyond

If you can create an interesting product or service while working as an intern, you have the chance to earn funding for college or any other educational opportunity you are looking to pursue.  

Wellness Products
Website Mockup
3D Printed Models


Apply for the NVI Program
(Accepting Applications for the Winter/Spring 2023 Academic School Year. 
Registration Closes January 6, 2023 for
Internships up to May 31, 2023
Current High School Grade Level (2022 - 2023 Academic Year)
What are your internship interests

Upload Your Resume / Cover Letter

To complete this process, upload  your resume and cover letter. After someone reviews your resume, we will schedule a time to interview you virtually. 

Upload File
Upload File

We will ask 5 questions that are easy to answer, but don't worrry.  You will have the opportunity to redo your video responses during the process.  

So be ready for your video interview after your submission!!

****Online Video Interview****

After you submit your application, you will be redirected to perform a quick oline video interview for this internship.  Make sure that you are ready to be on-camera for this professional and technical opportunity. 

Qualifications (and other Important Notes)

All Internships are nonpaid, enrichment experiences that provide hands-on experience, network connections with industry professionals, recommendation letters and potential scholarship opportunities.  

Students must have a 3.0 GPA cumulative or higher and must make time between 5 - 10 hours per week for this internship.  


Contact the NVI Program

If you're interested in learning more about the NVI program or if your school is interested in partnering with E Industries to provide virtual internships with your students, email us at

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