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Spend Tracking / 2nd Tier Reporting Solutions

Capturing Direct and Indirect Spend

Host a 2nd Tier Solution with E Industries

E Industries understands your needs in the arena of 2nd tier reporting.  Therefore, we have developed a customized portal and tool to allow your suppliers to report their direct and indirect spend directly through our portal over to you.

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Features of our 2nd Tier Solutions

Design and management of web-based collection for 2nd Tier Spend


  • Minimizes cost to validate diverse suppliers for managers

  • Streamlines reporting behavior automatically for suppliers

  • Increase diverse spend numbers for the company


Indirect / Direct Spend Reporting

E Industries hosts the ability to accept indirect and direct spending information collected by diversity category, diverse vendors and other customizable criteria.


General Reporting / Exporting

Need a report?  Our 2nd tier solutions has the ability to generate reports by quarter for all periods submitted and export them to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Portal Close / Open Management

Our portals host the ability to manage the periods set by the portal to open and close by administration.


Customized Email Notifications

Our solutions have the ability to utilize customizable email distribution templates for program announcements and notify participants of system opening/closing and acknowledgement of reports being received.

Invitations to Report

As the administrator, you have the ability to send invitations to companies to report their 2nd tier spend.


Ready to Get Started?

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