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Poolside Products

An awesome Sports & Outdoors website featuring: Account Management,Media / Gallery / Videos,Online Store,Site Member / Login Features

Get started working with this web design

From start to finish, we can design it, host it, maintain it, and promote it! In one day, we can get your site up and running in no time! 


Your site will include the following with additional options. 

Standard Web Design/Development Package: 

  • Client Level Administrative Access: You will have full access to manage, edit & publish site, including billing, domains and inviting people to manage the site if necessary.

  • Site Requirements Analysis: 1 hour of consulting time to determine all that you need to make this site perfect to customize and fit your business.

  • Design Customization: We will customize this template to fit any requirement you have.

  • Mobile Platform Compatibility: We will make sure your website will work on all mobile platforms available.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization: We will ensure this site is found by Google and is ready for social media

  • Training: We will provide 1 hour of training to show you how to edit and update the content.

  • Domain / Hosting Configuration: We will setup and configure a hosting and domain plan for your site.

  • Premium Business eCommerce Hosting ($27/month standard): Our standard business-level plan includes eCommerce tools, event management, blogs, marketing, booking and other features needed for any business. 

Recommended Add-Ons:

  • Maintenance: We can maintain your site and ensure you will have the latest updates setup the hosting plan for you and launch the site for you.

  • Marketing: We can promote the products and services on your website and your business to help you get the word out on social media, email and other platforms.

Website Maintenance Plans
Site back and relax.  We got this!

Select from one of three maintenance packages.  We make your life simple by becoming a part of your design and delivery team.

  • Lite Support (as low as $72/week)We maintain the current site and update content on weekly basis.

  • Manage Support (as low as $136/week):  We'll grow your site by designing new web pages while maintaining it..

  • Full Support (as low as $256/week):  We market your website, products & services while fully maintaining it and growing your site daily.

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